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Swedish Modules launches Modular Data Center ready for OCP hardware at OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam

Swedish Modules, a manufacturer of modular data centres and clean rooms, launches a new Modular Data Center at the OCP Regional Summit in Amsterdam (October 1-2).

The MDC is based on OCP designs (Open MDC 1.0) and is ready for hosting OCP hardware. “Our customers need more and better options to lower their data centre costs, improve the maintainability of their data centres and reduce energy consumption. Our new Modular Data Center helps them achieve those goals”, says Roberto Söderhall, Chief Business Development Officer at Swedish Modules AB.

 “The mission of Swedish Modules is to build the infrastructure for the Digital Society”, says Roberto Söderhall, Chief Business Development Officer at Swedish Modules AB. “More and more we see that enterprises and government organizations need more and better infrastructure solutions so they can lower their costs while at the time increase speed and flexibility. Traditional data centre infrastructures are not always able to facilitate these needs.”

“We are convinced that the designs that have been developed by members of the Open Compute Project (OCP) are very much capable of supporting these cutting-edge data centres. By launching a MDC that is capable of hosting OCP hardware we are now able to work with our customers on their data center projects that increasingly require superior scalability, a dramatically lower energy consumption and much more speed and flexibility.”

The MDC Swedish Modules is now launching is based on the Open MDC 1.0 design that has been developed by the OCP Data Center Facility project. The MDC helps data centres to scale their operation by matching demand and supply in a much more granular way. Roberto Söderhall: “By simple adding another module when there is demand for extra data centre capacity data centre managers are able to increase their capacity step by step. This is both technically and financially a very efficient strategy”.

John Laban of Open Compute Project said: ”It is very exciting to see how OCP is inspiring companies all over Europe. Companies like Swedish Modules clearly see the benefits of open source hardware. OCP inspired data centres use much less energy than legacy environments. And managing a data centre filled with OCP hardware also requires much less effort and therefore costs.”

There are major opportunities for European vendors, says John Laban. “I think it is fair to say that data centre managers need to lower their costs by at least 50%. Otherwise they will find it very hard to compete with the hyper scale cloud providers. New solutions based on open source hardware give them the chance to do just that: lower their costs dramatically and at the same time increase speed and flexibility within their data centre.”

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